Angel Callañaupa Alvarez

Angel Callañaupa, Artist

Angel (pronounce the “g” as an “h”) Callañaupa Alvarez grew up helping the family raise crops and care for animals. Now Angel is a well known Inca artist in Chinchero. He won a national award for his paintings of Inca life and traditions. Angel’s art has gained international attention. Dozens of his vibrant works appear in the new book “Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories of Inca Life” by Elizabeth VanBuskirk.

Angel’s creativity is apparent in his parents’ home and his own. The above image is an early mural painted in 1980 on the wall of his parents’ courtyard. It shows the Chinchero village plaza and marketplace, the Inca building foundations with rows of Inca niches and the colonial church, all on the hillside above the house.

Angel wears a traditional poncho and holds a ceramic pot painted with Inca designs.