Inca Lives Today

September 4, 2012

by  Libby Van Buskirk | August 31, 2012

FIFTH AND LAST DAY of the great writing retreat. Solo life at the cabin: can I measure success? Total for the book: a good draft of the story “How to Weave the Milky Way?” and heavy editing of “Children in the Mountains,” formerly called “Shepherding.” I’m anxious to give glimpses of Inca people’s lives today–the great and continuing traditions of weaving, knitting, spinning, natural dying, & unique fiber works, the enviable multi-generationalism, the inspiring belief systems. Sound like a lot? Even though some of us may be teachers at heart, we know that a fiction writer must never let the didactic urge show through. But is it okay to be just a little blatantly informative, (a little skipping of “show don’t tell”) in such a book of stories and folk tales as mine.